Select Multiple entries and applicable actions

Currently it is only possible to move items between collections, one-by-one.

We should be able to select multiple items in a collection (checkboxes) and then select a Collection to move them to.

I’ve ended up with many passwords in “Unassigned”, presumably from my import from LastPass or something. There is no way to now move all these to a Collection in bulk.

It’s also annoying that we’re forced to use collections, and that the “Unassigned” collection doesn’t act like a “real” Collection. i.e. if you remove all Collections, so you only have “Unassigned”, and you then try and move items from your own Vault into an Organisation, it doesn’t work.

Thanks, bulk item management for collections is coming.

I just migrated from keepass, and I was surprised that this function wasn’t built into the app! In Keepass I could just shift or ctrl+click on the entries, NOT the tiny check boxes to select multiple entries . I can’t manage my database without this feature.

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@bw-admin Coming when? Next decade? This has been an issue since July of 2018… 5 years.