Select Multiple entries and applicable actions

It would be cool to be able to select multiple entries via ctrl/shift+click or checkboxes or something else and then be able to:

  • move them all at once into another directory
  • delete them all (possibly with a warning/confirmation dialog)
  • merge them, if possible, meaning if these entries all use the same user/password, move all the other custom parameter and url calues to one entry.

These are really useful for cleaning up after an import, e.g. in my case i use the exact same account on >20 different services/urls which firefox saves as 20 different entries and are now similarily saved in bw. Adding all urls to one entry is really cumbersome, especially because most of the interfaces(eg. firefox and android) show the full url only after pressing ‘edit’.


You can already do this in the web vault.

@kspearrin You are correct, but only from your personal vault. You can’t do this from an organization vault.

I would also love to be able to change several item’s collections. Clicking each one to change what collection they need to go in gets a little tedious.


@hmhrex could you adjust the title on this one?

Select Multiple entries and applicable actions in Organizations

I am 100% with you on this one though… it’s a real pain if you share items from a personal vault, and forget to select the collection, then they all get dumped into the organization and moving them to the correct collection is a painful one at a time process


It’s really tedious to apply changes on items from the organizations vault page.

We are testing Bitwarden and desperately need multiple selection to be available at least for:

  • Items
  • Collections

In Organizations. Thanks!



Not sure where to put this other than in this related topic.

Using the macOS Bitwarden client (1.16.10)… Using Edit->Select All to select multiple entries does very strange things with the UI… All items, all fields get selected and highlighted blue… everything… and then left that way regardless of what action you perform next.

I honestly feel like it’s embarrassing to even have to ask for this. It’s basic UX design. It should’ve been in there from day one.


It’s time by now. With a growing database its becoming a p.i.d.a. to manage entries. Especially in organisations…

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I imported all of my data from LastPass to try this out. I wanted to move items out of my personal vault so they only exist in the organization. So I exported them out of my personal vault as a csv and re-imported them into the organization allowing me to delete the duplicate copies in my personal vault.

Unfortunately they were all placed into Unassigned so I have to manually move them one-by-one to the correct collection. It’d be nice if I could Select All and change the collection for everything in my Unassigned.

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I am reviewing bitwarden against dashlane, 1password, lastpass for my business. When logged into my vault (not the organization vault), I can select multiple entries and select Options/Share which opens up a pop-up prompting me which collections I want to share those passwords to. However, when doing so, I also get a message in this pop-up saying that none of the selected credentials can be shared - full message below. Is this intended behavior?

"Choose an organization that you wish to share these items with. Sharing transfers ownership of the items to the organization. You will no longer be the direct owner of these items once they have been shared. You have selected 2 item(s). 0 items are sharable, 2 are not. "

It’s been more than two years since this was suggested. As already mentioned it’s basic UX design.

How is this not added yet? Even the Windows desktop app doesn’t allow you to select multiple items and move them around(drag&drop anyone?).

So for instance: instead of simply selecting multiple items and drag&drop them from one collection to another, one has to do the following steps:

  1. Select ONLY ONE item
  2. Click Edit button
  3. Scroll Down to Collections accordion
  4. Click Collections accordion
  5. Uncheck box of the current Collection
  6. Check box on the desired Collection
  7. Click Save

Now imagine having hundreds or god forbid thousands of items you need to move from one collection to another. 1000 * 7 = 7000 actions. Make sure you hire a data entry specialist for that one.

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It’s on our radar, some parts are already in motion:

Am I missing something or is there still no Shift-Click?

The multi-select hasn’t been implemented yet. The commits above are just part of the work, but it is in motion.

What is the timeline on this? It’s nice that it’s in motion, but a two year timeline provides 0 actionable value for any corporation actually interested in this product. No system administrator that values their time will use this product till then.

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You can select multiple but you cannot merge, which was specifically mentioned by OP.

I did vote for that. I’m very confused about Bitwarden usage. One of the key missing feature is multiple selection and possible actions.

I’m using a family organization with a self hosted Bitwarden, and moving my vaults from 1Password.

In the web app :

  • in my personal vault, if I “select all”, it does only select a part of my items (500 I guess). There is no way i can select all items to share them with the family and move them to a collection. The feature exists, but there is an issue. It’s not working as expected
  • as soon as items are shared in the family vault, there is no way to change the collection for a list of items. This is why I import first to my personal vault and then share to a collection in the family organization. But as soon as items are shared, if I want to move multiple items to a collection, I need to do it one by one by clicking 4 times for each item.

In the macOS app, i cannot select more than one item. Share feature is only accessible from the edit frame of a single item. Share a single item with the family and set it to a collection takes 5 clicks. I have more than 1000 password. I cannot do this one by one.

There is a lot to do on that “select multiple entries” feature. And I think it could resolve a lot of painful situations when one try to manage datas.

This combined with the bug (?) of collections being duplicated on import (I used Bitwarden csv format, haven’t searched yet for a remedy, still dealing with the manual effort of fixing extries one by one :rage: ) creates a pretty frustrating situation.
Even if the intricacies of the ideal UI implementation are too much to accomplish in the short-term, let’s have some kind of workaround - cli, bulk export/manual update/bulk import… something.

I have to admit that the first two points were already there (delete/move for multiselect) even if a bit hidden (the checkbox is ticked even if you click anywhere else in the line and the actions are then in the cogwheel menu at the top). A more obvious option (in terms of discoverability, not in how easy it is to design) would be to mark the whole line blue or something and show special buttons at the top that only pop up as soon as something is selected.

I have no clue about organizations but I still very, very much would like to have an option for the third one, merging entries, I didn’t clean up my duplicates until now and am still waiting.

I’m aware that this is a comparatively bigger request with a mostly use-once utility so I can completely understand if there are more useful things to implement :smile:

I’m not sure what the best course would be for this request thread since the headline and the first post are somewhat misleading in that regard, I want merging capabilities and most of the commenters want multiselect in an organization context. I sadly can’t seem to edit the original post to put some context in there, but I don’t mind if a mod edits my post to reflect reality better :slight_smile:

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