Select Multiple entries and applicable actions

It would be cool to be able to select multiple entries via ctrl/shift+click or checkboxes or something else and then be able to:

  • move them all at once into another directory
  • delete them all (possibly with a warning/confirmation dialog)
  • merge them, if possible, meaning if these entries all use the same user/password, move all the other custom parameter and url calues to one entry.

These are really useful for cleaning up after an import, e.g. in my case i use the exact same account on >20 different services/urls which firefox saves as 20 different entries and are now similarily saved in bw. Adding all urls to one entry is really cumbersome, especially because most of the interfaces(eg. firefox and android) show the full url only after pressing ‘edit’.

You can already do this in the web vault.

@kspearrin You are correct, but only from your personal vault. You can’t do this from an organization vault.

I would also love to be able to change several item’s collections. Clicking each one to change what collection they need to go in gets a little tedious.


@hmhrex could you adjust the title on this one?

Select Multiple entries and applicable actions in Organizations

I am 100% with you on this one though… it’s a real pain if you share items from a personal vault, and forget to select the collection, then they all get dumped into the organization and moving them to the correct collection is a painful one at a time process

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It’s really tedious to apply changes on items from the organizations vault page.

We are testing Bitwarden and desperately need multiple selection to be available at least for:

  • Items
  • Collections

In Organizations. Thanks!


Not sure where to put this other than in this related topic.

Using the macOS Bitwarden client (1.16.10)… Using Edit->Select All to select multiple entries does very strange things with the UI… All items, all fields get selected and highlighted blue… everything… and then left that way regardless of what action you perform next.

I honestly feel like it’s embarrassing to even have to ask for this. It’s basic UX design. It should’ve been in there from day one.

It’s time by now. With a growing database its becoming a p.i.d.a. to manage entries. Especially in organisations…