Same password for multiple logins

I am storing each device that I connect to in the company as a separate login. That way I can search for each device and get the URL/IP of the device I connect to. Alot of these device use the AD creds, I am copying and pasting the same creds to each login I create. The problem is that when I update my password I have to update multiple logins. Is there a way that I can select an option or something that allows me to use the same password for the selected login and allow me to change it in just one place?

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If there is something in common between the URLs/IPs of the login forms for all the devices that you connect to, then you should be able to set up a single login item to autofill a single set of stored credentials on all devices (by using URI matching).

To launch the login pages of each individual device, you can use a bookmark manager (e.g., the one built in to your browser). If you would like to use Bitwarden as a bookmark manager, then you can keep the current login items that you have defined in Bitwarden for the individual devices, but set the URI matching option to Never (which means Bitwarden will never autofill the corresponding login credentials on that URL, so it doesn’t matter if the stored credentials have expired — you can even delete the username & password from your “bookmark” items).

Most of the devices I connect to are through SSH not through the GUI. Each device has certain configs that I store in the notes, so they are somewhat different. Some are applicances some are linux boxes.

If the different URIs have no common characteristics, then you will not be able to configure a common login item to autofill all logins.

Edit: My brain must not have been fully awake this morning, not sure what I was thinking when I wrote the above. @danmullen has provided to correct solution below.

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You could just have one vault item with one set of credentials but multiple URLs to match.


Do you have an example of this? How would this work?


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How I handle this for my job, is create one vault item called Job_name Logins, then I add all the different uri’s to the job-name login vault item. When I have to update the password every x amount of days, I only have to update this one vault item. Works perfect.

Maybe, you can create one vault item, with a lot of custom fields for every single device name, with IP or URL as custom value? So, you can still search for the devices.