I would like to see a way to manually or dynamically link similar logins?

I love Bitwarden and i use it daily but since my entry size keeps growing, I wondered if there was a way to manually or dynamically get multiple entries to link as one entry or at least link together as choices should URI; s not match. I’ve read similar requests that are old now, but I done see anything that was added relating to it. Anyway, I realise it would be a complex task, but I’d be happy to provide input if needed, an example is my firewall has multiple local IPS that get used depending on what zone I’m using but from my own zone I can access using any ips etc. the issue I ran into is only one of the admin passwords worked out of all the entries for the same device although granted they used different URI’s. So, my question / idea is there a way to either manually mark entries as the same device which would then make all those entries append the URI; s from the others?? Or another way could be to manually make similar entries with a selection button in the entries that would perform a similar affect. At the moment ways to automate this are not something i can visualize yet but hopefully you get the idea?

@JohnKennyUK I’m not sure I fully understand your use case. Could you not use the existing ability to store more than one URI in a login item, and just add all relevant URIs to a single vault item? If not, then I would propose to merge your request with the following one, which seems most similar to what you are asking for: