Field References (Ability to set different usernames for different websites using the same password)

Multiple entries can share a common field (username, password, …), and by changing the actual data entry, all other entries will also use the new value.

Currently migrating from Keepass to Bitwarden for all of my servers. I use backup software which has individual passwords for the agent on each the server to be backed up and the same password on the backup server. I like to have both the password under the backup server’s folder as well as server to be backed up folder.


I have many accounts that use my domain username and password, but the username has to be formatted differently sometimes, i.e.

In all cases, the password is the same, and it expires every 6 weeks, so the entries must be kept in sync. Without field references, this is difficult to manage.


I, too, have high level of need for this. In my place of biz, we have multiple products that roll up under a handful of internal domains. To manually update every 90 days the passwords for these… nope.

With reference fields I update the main domain entry and it filters down to the rest. Very needful for me to be able to use Bitwarden.

That’s +1 for me too. And site identification needs significant improvement too to prevent false logins being offered.

This is also exactly my use case.


I have the need to populate the password field with PIN+OTP. So a configurable output would be great.

Plus 1 …I also have thousands of URLs using AD credentials. So this feature is must

Implementing this feature will boost a lot of sales with enterprise customers as no other good password manager expect keepass does this

So please implement this and stand out

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Same for me, i have a lot of logins on various website which all use my email-adress and a different password. On keepass i was creating the mail-adress once and linked every website with this as username. More important even for applications which use ldap or something which means all the applications have the same password and i have to update about 50 entries every 30 days.
Absolut must for me too +1

This would be a very useful feature to add to the password manager

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This would be a unique feature to bitwarden.
For n9w clone option is OK but field references would make it customizable so as to which field is cloned.

Voted +1

I just created an account to vote for this feature. sometimes the company uses office365 so we need to use our emails to login into but we will use our username in the company login portal which and they must be the same. If we already are able to add multiple URL to the same username/password combination why don’t we add the ability to use different username and URL with the same password.

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For University, I have one centralised account with username ‘sheroom’ and a password. For most systems I can login using these details, but for email, I also have to append to the ‘sheroom’. However, it is still the same centralised back-end (i.e. same password, they are the same account). Therefore, I currently have two Bitwarden entries which come up on the re-used passwords check.

So my feature request is: a way to “link a password” when creating a new login. Maybe just a button somewhere that ties the username to a different entry. That way, I only have to update one password if I change it, and it will work for both ‘sheroom’ and ‘[email protected]


Please vote also here: Field References :slight_smile:

This seems like what I’m looking for - voted :+1:

exactly what I am looking for

Here’s another request for the same thing. This one has over 50 votes, so we should probably all vote there:

Feature name

  • Many IDs to 1 to Data

Feature function

  • What will this feature do differently?
  • this would allow you to add custom fields for universally used info like primary ID and credit cards that all point to one piece of data.
  • What benefits will this feature bring?
  • instead of having multiple custom fields added to cover all the different scenarios of websites calling field boxes different things (Example: Address, address line 1, Home Address, Where do you live?) and then pointing to the same data “123 I live here”. You would be able to add multiple custom fields and then point them all to %Address. Using the default address data as primary point of reference. This allows the user ease of updating one central piece of data.

The alternate way of doing this would be to allow users to add additional fields under the default ID’s at the top. This would be the many to 1 way. Where you could list all the different ways you see sites listing their fields, and then only need to update the one piece of data if you moved or needed to update a phone number or other data.

I have this problem too.
I came from keepass that use the “reference” to share same password or same account from different entry.
Using the reference function when I change my organization password I update just the main password without forget some entry.

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I second the request for a bulk add/remove/edit feature for fields.

Operation examples, where I’d like to have had this feature:

  • add user generated boolean field “2FA enabled” to all entries to be able to mark as “yes” and then filter all TOTPs
  • delete all fields with “KeePass Settings” which are a relic of the transition
  • add fields to all entries where I have given my phone, address, both or stored identities
  • add field “Shop” to all entries in folder “shop”