Custom URL label

Would it be possible to add custom URL labels to the vault card? Currently each URL is labeled URL1, URL2, URL 3… which combined with the URL shortening is not exactly informative.

There are a number of situations where I store different URL addresses under the same domain to allow login to different sites (or I add a helpful URL label so I know which site relates to what). This was something that I used frequently in SafeInCloud and helped me organise a LOT of my logins. At present I find myself opening each URL in a browser in order to find what I was looking for (particularly my University Logins … multiple logins under the same domain which leads me to a bit of trial and error).



Yes please along with the ability to reorder URI fields.

The fact that URI are all truncated (in read mode), can’t be labeled and can’t be resorted make it impossible to know which URI filed is which. The user has to constantly enter EDIT mode unnecessarily in order to just read the URI field data. It isn’t a pleasant UX.


Perfectly put @AnonYmouse
I’m a big advocate of BW, but things like this put me off moving away from 1PW entirely.

I have many items with a lot of URLs in it. And I often have to choose which URL to go. But I don’t have any clue to find the right one. There are no Labels for URLs and no button to “view full path”

Thank you for wonderfull bitwarden!


  • I have to add several URIs for certain sites, e.g. a direct login link, a file download link, etc.
  • All the URI fields show “Website”
  • As a result, I add URIs under Custom Text Field, however these are not clickable, though I can copy it and paste to a browser window
  • No URIs in the Notes field is clickable


  • Add ability to rename the URI fields, e.g. “Direct Login”, “Instructions”, etc.
  • Make fully formed URIs in any other field, including custom fields clickable.

These are some of those little changes which can make a difference in the way people use the apps.

Many thanks.