Restore clipboard after TOTP

Feature name

  • Restore Clipboard after TOTP

Feature function

  • If something is in Clipboard it gets deleted by automatic TOTP
  • Restoring Clipboard after certain time (10 sec should be enough to paste TOTP) will improve workflow

This would definitely be useful to me. I have the automatic TOTP copy option enabled, but sometimes I wonder whether I should turn it off as to not always unnecessarily lose my clipboard contents in situations when I only needed login/password (w/o TOTP).

The requested feature combined with a short 10 sec timeout would allow me to have the best of both worlds :slight_smile:

@Cipha as a workaround you can see if your operating system has some tool that allows you to see the clipboard history … e.g., for MacOS there is Maccy (brew install --cask maccy) … in Maccy you can then blacklist Bitwarden so it won’t save your passwords forever in memory

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