Add TOTP Copy button

Similar to the “Copy Username” and “Copy Password” buttons when opening up the extension, have a button to quickly copy the TOTP if applicable to the saved login. Of course, this icon should only be available if the login uses TOTP.

Edit: Here’s an image of what buttons I’m talking about.

This button is alread there. It’s next to the timer.


I’m referring to having it placed on the first thing you see next to the listed login when you click the bitwarden extension itself, not when viewing the specific login.

Sorry that was unclear. I’ve added an image to the post to make this more clear.


Yes That would be a great feature. Or if bitwarden already recognised a request for TOTP and auto-magically filled it in.

That’d be great, but I think this is a baby step to that end. Would definitely be a quality of life improvement.

BitWarden could place the TOPT code automatically to your clipboard when login. You just have to paste it in :slight_smile:

To be fair, this is pretty hit or miss for me. Many times BitWarden doesn’t copy the TOTP code to the clipboard in my experience. This is why I think it may be easier to include a TOTP copy button on the first menu so you can save a few clicks.

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I’ve experienced no bugs so far. I am using Google Chrome 75 and about 10 sites were TOPT is activated.
If there is a misbehaviour, this should further investigated instead of simply adding a button which is less comfortable as when the feature would work for you too.

I was just thinking about this and came here to see if anyone had already requested it. I’m not the only one wanting it. This would be great!

This is absolutely a must have… clicking every time to open the entry details and clicking on the TOTP icon is time consuming, it slows down what I’m doing and, when pair programming or using the computer next to someone it exposes details of the record that should stay private.

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I really want this too. Auto-copy TOTP works great, but not if the login was already auto-filled by Bitwarden. Then there’s no trigger for it to be copied.

Making it even more frustrating, this was already implemented and the pull request was closed…

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Voting up for this issue too,
it really helps and it’s for paying customers…

+1 vote from me! Great feature request!

+1 My number one UI gripe

I agree - hit or miss for me as well. I have also noticed a couple of times if I have more than one login with a TOTP for a domain, it will copy the wrong TOTP to the clipboard.

Sad… Not sure where he gets the idea that this wouldn’t be used :rofl:

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When you’re on a website and you just want the 2FA code (like for example to authorize something on your account) but don’t need to login it’d be nice to have a fast way of copying the 2FA code
I suggest an extra button on the logins tab or a hotkey of some sort.

The hotkey wouldn’t be as practical if you have multiple logins on one website which all use 2FA keys so I think that the extra 2FA button would serve as a good option


This is, quite literally, my number one gripe about Bitwarden.

It would be a great quality of life feature for paying customers, and it seems like that would be an absolute no-brainer…

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While it’s brilliant that the TOTP code is copied on login, when auto-fill doesn’t work (which it doesn’t currently for me) or when the TOTP code has just timed out, it would be brilliant to make this available in the way other posters here suggest.

The current method involves opening the record and making that TOTP code more visible to shoulder-snoopers (though I acknowledge that it’s still normally visible in the web page).

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I hope this feature coming soon. Currently I have the feeling that nothing new has come up for a long time except bug fixes …