Rename `share` to `transfer` and create share mechanism

Feature name

  • Rename share to transfer and create share mechanism

Rename share to transfer


The currently implementation is not a share. It is a transfer. The ownership of the item changes. There is some decent confusion on this.

Create share mechanism

  • you are the owner and stay the owner
  • you can revoke/unshare the share - related request, kind of
  • you can share with one person - related request
  • you can share with multiple people
  • you can share with a collection
  • you can share an entire folder/subfolder - related request
  • you can decide whether receiver of share can view password or not

I am aware that “pull requests are welcome” and will start looking at this myself. OSS FTW.

This would be the greatest fix I would say because it prevents many users from losing passwords just by deleting the organization or purging organization vault. Happened to me 2 times. It is a much needed function. Or both share and transfer should be present and users can select what they want.


Yes, this is definitely a must have feature. The current naming is very confusing. And the lack of “classic” sharing mechanism is the main thing I miss since I switched from lastpass to bitwarden.

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Since the Lastpass massive migration, this is the main feature missed from Lastpass.


It bugs me that the only way to “share” moves your passwords out of your vault to an organization (even if it is my own organization that I control). Sometimes it would be really nice to share a password with someone while still maintaining full ownership/control of the credentials.


This is more or less in line with Add unshare option and what other users discussed in that thread. You should consider adding your vote there as well.

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‘Share’ has been renamed to ‘Move to Organization’

I’d like to add the option to share the entire vault. The use case is my parents wanting me to have access to all their passwords so I can fix their issues. As of now, I just have the password to their accounts, but it would be more convenient to just use mine, especially on mobile with the app and biometric authentication.

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Yes. We’re evaluating a migration from LP enterprise to BW enterprise. But really - the missing ability to simply SHARE a password between two users inside an organisation will be a showstopper.

Sometimes you just want to give an initial password to somebody or want to share some notes between users.

so what would be required:

  • a permission that everybody can see users to share with (when assigned to organization)
  • a permission to do a simple share between users.

I fear, if this feature will not come nobody of our employees will accept bitwarden instead of lastpass.