Provide tooltips explaining that URIs is how websites can be launched

It’s unclear that URIs is what Bitwarden uses to allow you to “launch” websites. It would be nice to make it clearer both in the actual UI.

The reason this became confusing is

So since I logged in via URL2 this is what was added as the URI by Bitwarden, which is fine and is what should be used to match so it can autofill the username and password. But this isn’t the site that I want to be launched when I first login since that URL could change since it has so many query params.

When I edited a login vault item to see if it had a Website field, it didn’t, then I realised the only way was that it was using the URI, it would be nice at least to add a tooltip if not make it clearer that the URI is linked to the “Website” displayed in the Vault Login item (when it’s not in edit mode)

Hi @1mark, thanks for the suggestion. This article in the Help Center documentation provides additional detail.

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I mean, good UX doesn’t require detailed documentation to be read, it’s just good so you know what it is. I searched quite a lot and didn’t find that page but even if I did I don’t think it makes the link clear between Website on the view item screen and edit on the URI screen. And even if it did it’s good to match terms but whatever I tried to help up to you.

@1mark you’ll be happy to know that our product team is already working on the next iteration of the UI and your feedback is appreciated!

Glad to hear it @dwbit thanks for letting me know. Do keep me int he loop!

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