Launch button on my item greyed out

The launch button in two of my items are greyed out. Why is this happening. Is it because I already signed into the account? Please see the below screenshot.

Is it a website URI or a phone app?

Its the extension

No, I mean is the URI for those accounts set to match a website address or an Android/iOS app? Is there definitely something in the matching URI field?

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Also in the desktop app there is no launch button.
Here is a screenshot

What does the URI look like in edit mode?

Also in the desktop app there is no launch button.

There is in Windows 10 in both Bitwarden the Microsoft Store app Bitwarden:

Is it because there is not https:// ?

But two or three items do not have this. All the rest have the launch button.

It needs a protocol to launch :slight_smile:

Add https:// and you should be good.


OK Thanks tgeer. Problem fixed

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I have several passwords for which the URL field is just a domain name (no scheme), and they launch just fine. Is the requirement to have a scheme platform-specific?

It uses a regex to detect it, but some URLS (such as those that have script names/actions in them) may not get detected automatically with the β€œcanLaunch” property, but adding an https:// will β€œforce” the URI into a canLaunch status more or less.