"Add URI to login" prompt

Last month, I submitted a Feature Request for multiple URI support, and the Dev said it was coming in the next update, which came with half support for multiple URI’s so I’m submitting a new request with a simpler desire. The new update brought with it kind of a boolean search/rules that you can set up for multiple URI’s. This may be a solution for a subset of people, or for users who are really tech savvy, but not for the average user.

My request is simple: Sign into an app or website, no URI’s match, so I search for it, a prompt pops up "This [site] doesn’t match [login] would you like to add it to [login]? Yes/No. If the user selects yes, then Bitwarden simply adds a new URI to whatever login it needs to.

This is how every other password manager I’ve ever used has done it, no reason to change things now.

I would like to second this, but also add a very closely related request that I feel would be a dupe of this:

When you use bitwarden to log in to apps that use the same login credential as a website login you already have stored (for example, logging into the fidelity app, which uses the same login as fidelity.com) and please prompt to add that app’s URI as a secondary. Perhaps because app domains are displayed in the opposite direction as domains typed in a browser, automatically flip them for apps?

I think a system like this should replace bitwarden’s existing Equivalent Domains system, namely because you can modify these associations without having to open your vault and diddle with menu options. (I hated doing this with lastpass, and when I saw the second URI option in bitwarden, I was wowed because I thought I wouldn’t have to go into the settings options just to make a quick change, but alas…)

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