Product Roadmap


I’ve just discovered Bitwarden and it seems great! Key missing features for me are:

  • more advanced/proactive breach detection (it seems to be very manual at the moment, and just looking into IHBP data)
  • account/password hygiene (weak/repeat/known passwords, sites where 2FA is available but not enabled)
  • password change detection
  • password history

Also it would be great to have a vague-ish feature roadmap, something similar to what Monzo has: Trello . I think it would show all the good stuff the team is working on and possible help attract more users as well as provide a chance for the community to provide feedback about priorities.



duplicate Publish roadmap

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“Publish roadmap” is a duplicate, yes - but as far as I could see, not some of his other suggestions, which I think are very good needed security features…

Apologies if any or all of those are actually duplicates too.