Some features and options that are good to be add in future releases

Hi, :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:t3:
Thanks for great app and it’s community
I have asked several of my friends in university and office and we gather some idea and feature that we have think about them

  1. Counter number in front of each categories
  2. Auto Submit Login option
  3. More fields
  4. More Forms
  5. Trash Category
  6. Add more sections and form (Phone number - email - security questions and answers … )
  7. Separated Email form with username
  8. Add Sort by type (Creation Date - Last Modified - Alphabets … )
  9. Startup with system option in app
  10. State and information about database generally
  11. macOS touch bar
  12. Graphical UI/UX for password strength (Weak - Medium - Strong) - (Red - Orange - Green) like Bar or small colorful box
  13. Unlock automatic after entered PIN or master password
  14. Automatic pop up after login successfully in a website to save a new login data
    And maybe more …
    We are thinking about it and trying to work on it and help app

If any of these are added already
Please let us know
Some of them may be hack with trick like startup system (put shortcut in folder) but not like that
Option in app itself we mean

Thanks in advance
Hope for day to see Bitwarden most complete PASSMANAGER