Exploring Bitwarden and holding off still

I explored Bitwarden and like it a lot. Yet I am missing some essential features still to make it a realistic alernative for me as a semi-advanced user:

  • more pre-defined items (see here - now we are forced to move that all into secure notes)
  • more advanced identity management (currently identity has only one email field, no date of birth field, and no identities that are specific to a use, e.g. driving license, passport, id card, etc. which each have their own numbers and their own expiration dates)
  • security dashboard
  • expiration date dashboard (pulls all expiration dates from across the tools)
  • TouchID on macOS

For now the lack of these features blocks me from switching to your service. I hope they come soon because Bitwarden has much potential (and already works within the fantastic Brave browser).