Problems importing with duplicates DESPITE purging first

Hi there and Happy New Year!
I have been trying to import my LastPass .csv into an existing Bitwarden account that I had set up over a year ago but realized that there was a potential for duplicates. So I followed these steps:

  1. Export your data as csv
  2. Using a spreadsheet or text program open the CSV file and verify all your data is there. Then manually delete/update as needed (be careful not to delete first row or first column as these are the title row and folder column), and save. (I recommend to save with a different filename to preserve the original, in case you need to go back to it). Ensure it’s saved back as a .csv file.
  3. on Bitwarden web page go to your account and to the “Danger Zone” section at the bottom. Do a Purge Vault (This will erase all your files from the vault. Verify all your data has been erased.
  4. Go to Tools and Import your newly updated file as Bitwarden CSV file
  5. Verify your data has been uploaded.

Despite purging the vault, verifying that it was empty, and signing out and back in before importing, I am still getting duplicates as if Bitwarden is keeping the purged files in memory. Has anyone got a suggestion? I will mention that there are no duplicates in the .csv file, it seems to be a problem of the purging not working properly (although it appears to be doing so.) I am on a PC using Chrome.

Thanks in advance. :confused:

If this behavior is reproducible, contact Bitwarden support. If the lastpass.csv is confirmed to contain no duplicates, and if the vault is purged, then you should get no duplicates.

How do you know that the .csv file contains no duplicates? I would suggest using the deduplication tool in Excel to verify that each entry is unique and/or to remove duplicate.

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You were right, there were duplicates in the LastPass .csv export. It seems that other users have flagged this issue. (Solved: Re: Export has duplicate entries - GoTo Community) I was able to locate and remove the duplicates using the duplication tool in Excel as you suggested. Thanks!


Same problem with duplicates here coming from lastpass. Except some of my dups were not in the lastpass csv file! After looking closely I discovered the new dups did not exactly have the same URL. It seems that some sites add an additional suffix that Bitwarden notices and creates another sign-in, even though it is for the same bank or portal. I now know to reject the offer to add a signin when asked.
This may not be your case, of course - but in case it helps.