Double entries after importing again from lastpass

Hello again,

Earlier I had imported all of my data from LastPass into my Bitwarden account and all was well.

I have since used LastPass again and added other data and sites to LastPass.

I once again imported this newly added stuff to my Bitwarden account but it seems as though a lot of my sites are doubled now. Not all, but a lot.

Any way to get rid of the double entries other than to manually delete one?

Also in the future, is there a way to import just recently added sites from LastPass?


Bitwarden imports everything in the file you give it without deleting anything from your vault.
I see two options :

  1. If you did not change anything in BW, then wipe your vault and import again
  2. If you made some changes in BW that you want to keep, make a CSV export of your BW vault and use a program like Excel to find the entries in your last pass export that are not in BW

Thanks for your response.

I think wiping my BW vault and then importing again would probably be my best bet.

What would be the easiest way to wipe the BW vault?

Thank you…

I figured out how to wipe/delete the vault. Two ways I believe. You can “purge” the vault and I would guess that wipes it in one shot, or you can do it like I did by selecting all the check boxes and then deleting them. That way would probably take a little longer but you can be selective if you need to.

I then re-imported my lastpass information and it worked like a charm.

One thing I noticed though, there were some duplicate folders with nothing in them although the original of those duplicate folders did have the correct info.

So now I need to figure out how to delete those duplicate folders…

what’s the problem to do a intelligent import function?

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