Please Rate Bitwarden in the Microsoft Store

I saw that Bitwarden has in the Microsoft Store just 3 ratings (all are 5 stars).
If I see that other password managers have more ratings (one has about 150) then it might be good if we all install the Windows 10 App, rate it and then uninstall it (you can easily uninstall it after posting a rating).

When doing this I started wondering:

What is the best practice for the desktop app on Windows 10: using the .exe file from the bitwarden site or the windows store version. Both Versions seems to have the same version number.

Is there any downside using the windows store version (such as delayed updates)?

Updates on the Windows store always lag behind the standard exe since they have to go through an approval process with Microsoft.

Would it be considered unethical to install Bitwarden merely to rate it? If not, then you could take this a step further if you are not currently using Microsoft Windows. Merely install Windows, then install Bitwarden, then rate Bitwarden, then delete Windows.

I am using the Win32 Windows application and not the Windows 10 App.
But I installed the Windows 10 App just for rating Bitwarden, because I thought it might be helpful for the Bitwarden project.
And uninstalling it is also very easy.