New to bitwarden and found some issues

First we download bitwarden windows application from website and install it on windows 10 i thought i will auto install all supported browsers extensions but it did not. i had to manually install each plugin for my browsers which is bit awkward. Well then i moved on and after installing extensions manually it asked me for my login on each extension. instead it should have detected windows application from my computer and auto integrate itself with windows application so i do not have to login each extension. Now the question is if we have to install each extension and login them one by one then why bitwarden have windows application for? We can view, add and edit everything in extensions then why the windows app and why we have to login for each extension. I saw many reviews but no one mentioned this issue anywhere. Instead of logging in once on windows application and use everything stored in windows application their plugins are an app in them self and does not require windows application. I was few clicks away from buying premium but then i stopped and thought to mention this here. We need easy to use applications not any app which ask me for password on every new application i launch and i have to install it’s plugin manually. I have been using Roboform from last 9 years and 1 single master password login on windows application allow us to use it anywhere it is supported. It auto install extensions for all major browsers. I know it is open source i know it is free but what if i am willing to upgrade and i end up with all this hassle? Totally disappointed that people are reviewing this product but they do not mention that it is not an easy to use application. In short Bitwarden is not user friendly application.

I do not see this as being an issue at all here. Bitwarden simply did not include the extension with the Windows app to push into browsers like some other programs may do. Could they change it? Sure. Is it a problem or make it not user friendly? Not even in the slightest.

If you’re using multiple browsers like this and find it inconvenient, then that sounds more like a you problem to me. Why use multiple different browsers? I could agree web development causing headache, but you could just opt for using test creds and saving them in the browser instead, while keeping legitimate/production creds in your vault. If you were doing any sort of development properly, at least.

I have used the Windows app and not found it useful much at all. It all depends on your situation, though. If you feel that they should change this, though, I’d submit a feature request.