macOS desktop app

I’m not finding a good reason to keep the Bitwarden macOS desktop app installed. I have the Safari extension, which does everything (and more) than the macOS desktop app, and I also have the Bitwarden web vault.

The Bitwarden macOS desktop app (IMHO) has received the least amount of Bitwarden love and it lags the other apps/extensions quite a bit. I simply never use it.

If I’m missing something and there’s a good reason to keep the desktop app installed, will someone please will let me know. Otherwise, I’ll remove it.

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I have tried it and removed it as well. Instead I have added as a web app using chrome which looks nice.

Here is a guide but actually only step 2 is needed

Thanks, nemo64. It looks nice but unfortunately, I try to keep Chrome off my Mac. Just a personal preference as I simply don’t care for it.