Organization Policy - Vault timeout on System Lock

Feature name

  • Additional vault timeout policy option: On System Lock

Feature function

  • Current options for Organization Policies that lock the vault are based on timeout values only
  • I’d like to be able to set a policy that locks the vault when the users system is locked, not just based on timing. We have a policy that locks windows machines after 10 minutes of inactivity for example, I’d like to force BitWarden to lock when the system locks, but not necessairly every 10 minutes when the the user is working in the browser.
  • We currently have the policy to set to lock the vault after 10 minutes, but users are finding it difficult to have to unlock constantly while working, but I want to make sure that if the system is locked, the vault is too.
  • The ability to lock the vault on System Lock does already exist for individual users outside the organzation, but this option isn’t in place when the timeout policy is active