Enterprise Policy for Vault-Timeout

Enterprise Policy for Vault-Timeout

Feature function

  • Bitwarden already has enterprise policies for master password strength, 2fa and password generation
  • As an entreprise I want to prevent users from setting the vault timeout to “never”, potentially compromising our security
  • If Bitwarden lets organizations manage this feature per policy it would help create a safer enterprise landscape :slight_smile:

Excellent request :slight_smile:

We’ll be adding this during Q1 2021 or so.

[Edit: 2021 - we have yet to invent a time machine!]


Q1 means Jan, Feb March right?
Did you mean 2021?

Fixed :+1:

2020 doesn’t need any more advertisement :sweat_smile:

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Hello what is the status of this feature, is it still on the roadmap for 2021? We need to be able to manage these settings at the organization level.

Sorry for the delay folks - it’s on our backlog, no ETA just yet. We initially did aim for this to be underway last quarter.