Option to Prevent Sidebar From Appearing

When Bitwarden opens in the sidebar of my browser I find this behaviour incredibly annoying and intrusive. I would like an option to disable this sidebar from ever appearing.

You can already disable this. Just close the sidebar… ?

Closing the sidebar after the fact is not a solution. As I said, I would like it to never appear in the first place.

Saying that the user can just close the sidebar would be like saying that you don’t need a pop-up blocker option on your browser because you can just close the pop-up window when it appears. The entire point is that you don’t want to see pop-ups in the first place. :slight_smile:

It only appears once after install. We cannot control this. Once you close it, it never comes back unless you open it manually again. Closing it is effectively disabling it…

It actually opens every time I restart my browser, which is why it’s an annoyance.

Sounds like a browser settings somewhere. I use Firefox and have never experienced this.

Same for me, installed, bar appeared once and never came back. I once even wanted to get it back but had to google how to even bring it back. :smirk:

Seems related to similar problems with history&bookmarks bars that keep reappearing for those users (with same solution):

Reproduces for me, Firefox 65,66 on two different Macs. Obnoxious, every Firefox restart the Bitwarden sidebar opens on every browser window. This is the only extension I’ve seen this behavior with.

I just installed for the first time the firefox extension, set bitwarden to auto-lock after 5 minutes. The side bar auto-appears. This is indeed incredibly annoying!
(Firefox 66 on Ubuntu)

Moving the xulstore.json file seems to have stopped it. (which is the solution eskela alluded to)

In fact no, moving xulstore.json once did not prevent the sidebar to reappear forever. After relaunching firefox, the sidebar reappeared when I got bitwarden locked.

This sounds like a bug in either the browser or bitwarden. Perhaps working on this issue in GitHub would help.