Opening in the sidebar

Is there an easier way to way to accomplish this instead of of having to got to settings?

Hey @bituser are you referring to the browser sidebar functionality in Firefox/Opera/Vivaldi? If so, you can right click in the tool bar to customize, and drag the sidebar icon onto the toolbar space.


I’m talking specifically about a simpler method of opening Bitdefender in the sidebar, instead of having to go into the settings to do so. If not, it would be a nice addition to the toolbar button context menu, or perhaps by mouse scroll button clicking on the toolbar button.

Or perhaps the Bitwarden interfaces can remain persistent after opening, and closed manually with another click on the toolbar button, or some other means, instead of disappearing when losing focus.

If you add the sidebar button to the toolbar, you can just click it to show/hide the sidebar.

Sorry, I got my last post in before you responded to the first one.