Keep BW on top - float when open until you choose to close it

I’ve tried several searches and haven’t found this suggestion (yet). If I’ve overlooked something, please help me with the setting for keeping BW up on top of the tab/page when open. Or, is there a way to make it float on its own until closed?

I use this most often when I have to manually enter a new ID or bounce back and forth between another source of info. If I reference back to another page or tried to copy from a note, BW closes again. It doesn’t stay open or on top if you click on anything else. If you haven’t saved your info yet, that too is gone and you need to start over in filling in the page.

Thanks for reading/helping.

Hiya! There are extensions you can use that will change the theme from dark to light. You can toggle between dark and light by an icon right on your toolbar. It works on Bitwarden as I just checked. If you have any questions please ask. :grinning:

Have you tried Firefox and the sidebar option? I mention it with a screenshot in this blog post

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Thanks, but this does not address the issue I’ve posted.

You can also click the breakout icon in the extension to allow it to float until you close it or the browser.


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As far as I understand you want to keep Bitwarden Window/Popup open. If that’s the case here’s an approach on Windows/Firefox, but works on macOS Safari and I any Chromium based browser.

  1. Click on the Bitwarden Extension icon.
  2. Click on the "Pop up " icon.
  3. Have the window open at your disposal.

lol, took me 2+ hrs write down that, seems like I need to pay more attention to what I write and putting pause on the streaming xD

Well to be fair your answer is much more thorough :slight_smile:

Thanks for the write up! Hopefully this helps everyone on the thread.

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Ok, I wasn’t aware BW can become a sidebar, so no I haven’t tried it … yet. It’s a bit awkward and not the solution of a true “keep on top” or “float”, but this would be a work around. I’ll explore it further. If it keeps the window open long enough for me to copy N paste from another tab or window, that’s better than closing up on me.

Yes, this feature works for me in FF. I also have another add-on tool for opening the view auto-magically when I want to search thru the bookmarks to find things. This is definitely another option for me to consider. Thank you for your help and tip.

Ahhh, a feature I didn’t know was there and hiding in front of me. :slight_smile: Yes, this helps with the “float” feature to break out a small window. It doesn’t stay on top, but I can arrange things to see it. Great tip. Thanks!

Ok everyone - thank you very much for coming to my aid with this simple yet frustrating issue in BW. I have tried everything (floating and side-bar) and find these will help me with my BW problem of closing on me. I appreciate your time and efforts. Thanks again!