Multiple Phone Numbers and emails in one Identity

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Multiple phone numbers or emails in one identity

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One of the things I like best about BitWarden is the Identity entry type. It allows me to smoothly add things like names and addresses in a secure place so I can keep track of them all. However, I would really like the ability to be able to add multiple email addresses to one identity. The same goes for phone numbers. Currently, the identity type offers 3 address fields, Address 1, Address 2, and Address 3. I think that the average person probably has more email addresses, so it would be great to have 3 fields such as Email 1, Email 2, and Email 3 or Phone 1, Phone 2 and Phone 3.

This feature would allow me to consolidate all of my info into fewer identity entries. Currently in order to store multiple phone numbers I need to create several ‘dummy’ identities, each with just a phone number. I would prefer to have one identity that encapsulates all my personal information, addresses, phone numbers, and emails.

Related topics + references

A Reddit thread of a user requesting this feature. A commenter suggests using the notes field, but the OP notes that this prevents any chance of autofill.

I think that it would be fantastic if Bitwarden could do something like Android Contacts, where every time a number is loaded, another slot is created for a further phone number:

Hi Andrew - welcome! I have a suggestion that may solve this for you. Within your identity card, you can add custom fields to expand the existing fields, such as Phone1, Phone2, etc. Custom fields are also fillable.

More details here: