Can I Add My Various Email Addressess, Cell Numbers, Credit Cards in My Profile?

I’m new to Bitwarden still using Dashlane but the second I find the Password Manager that ofers what I love about Dashlane I am leaving them due to the endless inconsistencies etc.
Dashlane allows me to add as many email adresses, phone numbers, physical addresses and credit cards, acts in mu profile as I need. Bitwarden from what I gather does not.

Its a great feature when filling out forms online and you want to choose which email address or ph number you want to disclose. Does Bitwarden allow this? If not how do I add more than one of each item?


You can use custom fields and add more information to a type. For more information, please visit Custom Fields | Bitwarden Help & Support
Autofill Identities and Cards | Bitwarden Help & Support

If you just want to store multiple additional pieces of information in your identity record, then I would do as @vachan suggests and use custom fields.

If you want to be able to autofill that information, how would BW know which email address you want to enter into a form? I would recommend setting up multiple identities so you can select which set of information you want to enter, e.g. personal, work, etc.

I imagine BW could do as Dashlane does with autofill. It detects what the field is asking for in terms of my info, and beside that field is a box from Dashlane that shows my email addresses and i just click on the one I want.

Considering that nowadays people have more than one email, credit card, even physical address and the number of times you have to register on a site for example, that this woud be a common feature provided by password managers. What you propose involves copy pasting for every field. Many sites alow you to list multiple credi cards ie. ebay and when you go to pay, you choose which you want to pay with and it populates the infor for you.

Can I set up multiple identities within one Windows User ?

By multiple identities, I just mean adding multiple entries of type “Identity” to BW.

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BlockquoteBy multiple identities, I just mean adding multiple entries of type “Identity” to BW.


OK Understood. Thanks