Add new "Phone Number" field

It would be useful to have a new field type called “Phone Number”.
If this type is used, then users can call the phone number on the mobile apps with a “Call” icon behind the name.
On the Web Vault call this number with a callto:// link (Applications like Skype or Jabber can handle these links).

Well, there is a phone number field in the identity type item

I am talking about normal password entries, not identities.
Like my online-banking password (where I added two hotline numbers), some stores that have a special phone number for their registered customers and others.

Storing them in Bitwarden (and not in the contacts) has some advantages:

  • when I share the entry with my family, they also have the phone number
  • my contact list in the phone is not inflated
  • data (also sensitive data) that belongs together, is stored in one entry

I can open the entry in Bitwarden, call the hotline and have the customer ID (and other data) at hand.
So this would really be a benefit.