Multiple like URIs in vault won't work

I’m very new to Bitwarden and I apologize if this has already been answered…

My wife and I share a laptop and in several cases we have separate login credentials for the same site. An example is the “My Social Security”…she has her account and I have mine. I added both to the Bitwarden vault (same URI), but I can’t get both of them to come up while on the My Social Security site – I hope I’ve explained this in a way that is understandable. Please help if you can…thanks…

Hi Keith - welcome!

Yes, this feature should work for you. I have many sites with multiple credentials, and Bitwarden flawless presents me with them all. But it will only auto-fill one of them (i.e., the last one you used). If this is your problem, you might want to disable autofill for those credentials/sites.

If that isn’t the problem, I would scrutinize your URIs in your vault - something small must be off if you are not being presented with every credential with a matching URI.

Hope you figure it out! Let us know if you do, as others might be experiencing the same issue and would benefit from any resolution you find.

Hey Keith, this is something I also regularly use (and have multiple accounts). Have a check how Bitwarden checks when the credentials are applicable. Maybe you’ve set your restrictions (domain, etc…) to strict?

Thanks much for the replies…I’m taking your advice and will report back if I have more difficulties…Keith