Multiple 2FA methods

Let’s say that I have two methods of 2FA and one of them is emails. If I loose access to other, can I always fall back to email?

I would imagine it’ll depend on the particular service provider. For example, Google allows you to set up multiple authentication factors and it’ll fall back to a lower priority one if you don’t have your usual 2FA method available.

Exactly. I was asking if bitwarden does the same.

Looking back on my original question, I see now that it wasn’t very clear.

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You should log into your BW vault and generate the recovery code for your file. BW will generate a long code (around 32 digits) that you will keep to use if you ever lose access to your other 2FA.

e.g. in my case I only use U2F (multiple sticks are authenticated on my account) but if I lose them I always have the recovery code available for access. Email is so much weaker, my suggestion is U2F all the way, with the BW generated recovery code for your absolute backup.