Bitwarden Requests 2FA for some

Hi all,

I transferred my passwords to BitWarden a few months back and love the service. Recently, my account has been requesting 2fa authentication for my laptop and pc browser but I don’t recall setting this up.

I’m still able to log in to the desktop version on my main PC. Also my smartphone and tablet using faceID but have no way of bypassing the sudden 2FA requests on my cookie-cleared browsers…

Is there a workaround for browser login considering I still have full access on 3 devices?

Tried the restore code and that didn’t work either which is very strange.


Hello @testbitbit02 - welcome to the community forums. And sorry to hear that you are having issues accessing your vault.

So to me it sounds like you did setup 2FA at least 30 days ago, but you chose to have your devices “remember” the 2FA trust so that you would not be prompted for your two-step login again. That expires after 30 days. Also, if you saved a recovery code for Bitwarden, that can only be obtained by setting up two-step login (there is no recovery code for your master password).

Unfortunately, the only way to modify your two-step login settings is access your account through the web vault. But from the sounds of it, you can’t access your web vault because you can’t verify your two-step login.

What type of 2FA did you setup for your Bitwarden account, and did you only setup one kind? For example, did you setup just an authenticator app? Or did you perhaps also setup email 2FA? You can tell by clicking on the link that says “Use another two-step login method”:


Thanks for this David.

When I log in on the web version and click “Use another two-step login method”, I can use an authenticator app or use my recovery code.

Does this mean I’m using email as a 2FA as it’s not shown or auth app as it is shown?


Hi again - that screenshot indicates that you only setup one 2FA method: Authenticator app. The recovery code is always available. So, your best bet right now is to try the recovery code again. If that just won’t work, then you have limited options.

If you can’t get the recovery code to work, and you can’t recovery your authenticator app, then your best bet is to do a full export of your vault using an unencrypted .json export file. Details can be found here:

Note that if you had any encrypted file attachments, they will not get backed up, so you have to save those manually.

Once you have done this (make sure it is an UNencrypted .json backup!), you can setup a new Bitwarden account and import your vault data.

If you want to re-use the same email address for the new account, you will have to delete the old vault first:

And if you are a premium (paid) subscriber, you will have to contact Bitwarden to get the subscription transferred from the old account to the new one (the fact that you use the same email address does not matter - it has to be transferred manually).

I hope that is all helpful. If so, please remember to mark this thread as “Solved”! Cheers.


Massive help, thanks so much for the detailed quick responses.

Managed to get things back to normal now.

Cheers again David!

That’s great! So glad I could help. :smiley: