Lost both my 2FA and Recovery code

So unfornently i lost my 2fa and my recovery code. So i want yo export my data from my active bitwarden sesssion on my mobile but it redirects me to webvalv. I don’t have any active browser extension either. What can i do in this situation?

email support and see if they can disable 2FA for you. Give them as much info as possible to prove you are the account owner such as proof of payment (if your a premium user), email, phone (if you linked one) and date of account creation.

Anyway, thank god i already had registered 2fa on authy. Before that i was using Google authenticator which does not save accounts when app is gone.

Nice, there’s a way to disable it yourself as well using your email, for future reference

I did save my recovery code this time if something happens once again… :slight_smile: