New phone, lost 2factor access, but have app access

I have a new phone, so when I tried logging in and using google auth app, it was reset.

I’ve read that the only solution is to start a new account, as I also don’t have the recover code either.

But… I do still have access to the Bitwarden app. I’ve exported my vault.

Can I recover my account via the app in anyway?

Hello @Tom_Downing - welcome to the community forums! And sorry to hear about your recent issues accessing Bitwarden.

Unfortunately, you can’t change your two-step login (2FA) settings from the Bitwarden mobile app. But if you have an un-encrypted export of your vault in .JSON format, you should be able to restore all your vault items to a new acccount. Note that if you have any file attachments, you must download and re-upload those separately. And double-note: you MUST use an unencrypted backup, preferably .JSON.

Here is some information on deleting your account and importing your export file:

Note that you can use your same email address again for the account once the old one has been deleted. But if you have a premium subscription to Bitwarden, you will have to contact the Bitwarden CS Team to get it transferred to the new account.

Finally, it is highly recommended that you print out and save your two-step recovery code someplace safe and that you setup a second, fall-back two-step login method (e.g., with a physical security key like a Yubikey or FIDO2 key).

Hope that helps!

That is why having at least a 2nd (tested and working!) 2FA method is a good idea.

Can I assume that using Authy would eliminate this problem?

Authy, Microsoft Authenticator, and many other similar apps all allow you to backup your authenticator keys. This makes it easy to transfer your 2FA login to Bitwarden if you switch phones. So yes, enabling the backup feature on a supported authenticator app is another good solution to having a fall-back 2FA authentication method. Thanks for mentioning that!

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The Google 2FA application has an export function from a 2FA factor to another phone. This is very useful. Personally I use it by replicating all my 2FA present in my Google 2FA to my wife’s phone and vice versa. This allows us to change phones without having to deal with this problem. And according to the French expression “ceinture et bretelles” (belt and suspenders), my son is also in the loop…When one of us changes his phone, he gets his entire account back on the other’s account.
And phones are like hard drives, 2 lost at the same time is rare, when 3…