Lost google authenticator account


I no longer have access to my google authenticator account.

Suddenly I’m blocked and I can’t find a solution to access my Bitwarden safe, because I need the encrypted code from google authenticator (double-step access)?

How to do ?

Do you have a solution to help me?

Thank you.

When you activated 2FA you got a Recovery Code:

You can use this to deactivate 2FA:

Here are some hints on how to to avoid this kind of situation in the future:

  • Enable at least a 2nd completely different kind of 2FA. Try them out before you rely on them:
  • Make regular backups of your data. For details see both(!) here:

and here:


I recently moved from Google Authenticator to Aegis because Aegis can be backed up or exported.

Google Authenticator can be backed up by exporting. Code keys are exported to a combined QR code. Raivo OTP is also an excellent Authenticator someone recently recommended to me on this forum. You can export to an encrypted file AND it will upload securely to Apple iCloud. It also has a great feature where you tap the code on your iPhone and then you can paste the code on your Mac laptop immediately. https://raivo-otp.com/.

For the OP who is locked out of Bitwarden, all you need to do is enter your 2FA Recovery Code you received when you turned on Bitwarden 2FA. This will disable all 2FA, you can sign back in, and then re-enable it. Good luck! Also, do you have the Apple Watch BItwarden app loaded, by chance? That may expose the code. Otherwise, you are reliant on going into Bitwarden on other devices (turn off your internet before you open the app so it doesn’t force a log out) or using a backup Authenticator app or code, which I am guessing you may not have.

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Thank you for your various responses.

For some reason the trunk was left open in Edge, but closed in Chrome
So I was able to export my safe *.json er *.csv.

I requested the closure of my current account, and I will create a new one but more seriously, with bacup that I should have done a long time ago. I’m doing well, this will serve as a lesson to me.

Is there another solution than the password, and double authentication? Only with the smartphone? I know according to current events that our GAFA want to put the passwords in the closet, to only use their smartphone.

Thanks again,

Great to hear! Just save your 2FA Recovery Code offline in a safe place to disable your 2FA in the future and you should be fine. You may also want to save a printed password also offline but not with your 2FA recovery code. Another storage option is a safety deposit box. Highly secure and you should never need it unless it’s an emergency.

If you use Google Authenticator do the export and also save printed offline. It’s a complex QR code. If you use Raivo OTP, be sure to set up the iCloud option and also export an encrypted folder with all your codes. It saves the manual key and all QR codes so you can use it to import to any service in the future. You can also print the html file within the encrypted folder and store safely.

Finally, export your Bitwarden vault. Put it on a usb key in a safe place such as a safety deposit box or other place you feel is very secure.

This should never happen to you again. :grinning: