Missing Windows Login Authentification

I can no longer log into my vault. My login method is no longer displayed. I have always authenticated myself using Windows Hello (pin). Yesterday it worked without any problems. Normally as soon as I start/open Bitwarden a window similar to this
appears after entering the pin Bitwarden opens and I have access to my vault.

This is currently not the case… Even a restart did not help. With other applications like KeepasXc the authentication via Windows Hello Pin works without problems.
I also can’t log in with my MasterPassword.

Currently i get this screen (Can post it because only one media is allowed)

Hey there, can you try the following:

  1. Uninstalling the Bitwarden desktop application.
  2. Install the Bitwarden desktop application from this link: https://vault.bitwarden.com/download/?app=desktop&platform=windows
  3. In your Bitwarden Desktop app, navigate to Settings (on Windows, File → Settings).
  4. Scroll down to the Options section, and check the Enable Browser Integration box.
  5. In your Browser, navigate to the Extensions manager (e.g., chrome://extensions or brave://extensions), open Bitwarden, and toggle the Allow access to file URLs option. Not all browsers will require this to be toggled on, so feel free to skip this step and circle back to it only if the remaining procedure doesn’t work.
  6. In your Browser Extension, open the Settings tab.
  7. Scroll down to the Security section and check the “Unlock with biometrics” box. You should be prompted by your Desktop app to input your biometric. Doing so will complete the initial setup procedure.

Thank you, now it’s working


After a Windows update, i now have the same problem AGAIN.

However, the above-mentioned solution does not work anymore, because I do not have the possibility to open the security section in the browser extension. I can only customize the URL’s (server, API, identity server…).

Uninstalling the update does nothing. Windows Hello for Microsoft accounts on the web still works. Only for Bitwarden no Windows Hello window appears anymore.

Hey @KiritoSAO for the team to review further, can you open a ticket with the support team or submit a bug here?

Hello @bw-admin,

After several hours of research, I was able to find out what the problem was.

There was still an update for the client app (Bitwarden) in the queue. (See picture).

This update was not installed in my view/understanding for whatever reason. Even after several PC restarts, service restarts etc.

My workaround:

Full backup restored from last month (01/02.04.2023). Without an internet connection so no updates can be installed (Windows and Bitwarden…). Here I can unlock my safe with Windows Hello, without the master password.I pulled the new documents/files from the incremental backups.

My guess is that because the update was not completely installed (Bitwarden Update), the settings of Bitwarden were changed or because the update was not completely installed, WindowsHello was locked/blocked although desired and correctly configured in the settings.(Settings Bitwarden Client App, Unlock at TimeOut and App Start = Windows Hello).