Migrating self hosted to new server


I’m about to move my self hosted family organisation (account with shared collections between users) to a new server.

Current config is : bitwarden is alone, using 80/443 ports.
New config : bitwarden will be on server hosting multiple websites.

So, how do I migrate from one host to the other ? How can I change listening ports so that I can use a proxy for serving my bitwarden content ?

Should I have every user export their setting, make a brand new install on new server and ask them to import them after creating new accounts on new server ?
Is there a directory to copy from old to new server ?

Thanks for your guidance,

if you’re using the docker you can copy over volumes.

I’m sure there used to be an article on the knowledge base that gave some simple steps for this.
I think it involved installing a fresh copy and copying bwdata but I can’t for the life of me find it again. Does anyone have a link to this article? I am wanting to move my own server shortly.