Markup styling for passwords in Bitwarden webversion

I am a totally new user to Bitwarden. I switched from 1Password to BW.

I really enjoy the excellent webversion and Chrome extension of BW. (Not so much the iPhone/iPad apps… they seem like a ‘bare bones’ HTML-page fit into an app-frame so to speak) (I am not a deeply technical person and English is not my main language, so hope I explain myself right)

(1Password seems to be more or less the opposite from Bitwarden in that regard: 1Password has pretty good iOS apps, but IMHO has a much weaker UI/UX on their webversion. With BW the webversion and the chrome extension are simply excellent , but the iOS apps are not that great (yet!) UI/UX-wise)

Anyway, one of the things I like about BW’s Chrome extension is that BW displays passwords in a markup styling, as follows:

<span class="password-special">#</span>
Which has color: #c40800; (red)

<span class="password-number">1</span>
Which has color: #007fde; (blue)

<span class="password-letter">t</span>
Which has color: #000000; (black)

So when you have a password with different kind of characters, they are differentiated by colour. Which makes them easier to read (and therefor use).

My question: why is this not done like this in the Webversion of BW? If it’s possible to implemented it like in the Chrome extension , then this is my feature request.


I’m moving from LastPass which had similar capability and for those of us with vision issues (and older eyes on top of that) it is really helpful when needing to share with someone/something where copy and paste doesn’t work.

Could log this as a visual assistance “fix”/enhancement.



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