Make it easier to delete an item from the vault

Right now it is a chore to delete items from the vault since deleting them from the app requires you to click into the item, edit it, scroll to the end, click delete, and then confirm the deletion. I think it would make much more sense if one can simply right-click (or long hold - three dots) on the item and select Delete, which would hasten the process significantly.

Furthermore, it also looks like while the web vault allows multi-selection, the only way to multi-delete is to scroll all the way back up to the top and use that particular cogwheel icon. Perhaps that header should be pinned down so the user does not have to scroll up through thousands of items to get back to the top to engage multi-selected actions.

I agree. Do make it easier to delete and item. I have to delete many items and it’s really annoyning

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I also would like to see this feature.

agreed. please make it easier for new users to find how to delete an item. after 10 minutes trying to find it i had to google it. I still love this normally intuitive product however.

Duly noted - but we may want to wait until our Soft-Delete/‘Trash Can’ function is available before we make it too easy :slight_smile:

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Agreed. Really annoying without this feature… Thank you dear dev team.

Agree with this as well. Please make it easier to delete entries. Thank you.

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Don’t make it too easy though. We need at least to retain the confirmation to prevent accidental deletions. Fine tuning the UI is fine but there needs to be 2 required steps for a deletion. People can accidentally touch their keyboard or mouse and some people have pets that jump on desks causing key presses or mouse clicks. A single step deletion could result in unintended items being removed.