Make custom field "hidden" by default

When making a new custom field in the browser (firefox) extension, the default type is “text”. Users may not manually switch to “hidden” in the process of making a new field, either because they’re not sure how exactly “hidden” works (does it apply before or after pressing “+”, etc) or just because they forget to change it. This may lead to some sensitive information like API keys accidentally being in plain text.

This is s security app so I think this should be fail-safe. In case the user does nothing to the selection box, it should default to being the safest option: “hidden”. Since I like to store things like API keys in these custom fields, it can also be a bother to manually change it to “hidden” every time. There should be little issue with “hidden” being the default option instead of (plain) “text”.

When comparing creation of custom text fields and custom hidden fields I remember creating more custom text fields.
I’m using custom text fields for storing my software licenses for instance. Therefore I don’t need custom hidden fields with priority.

So I think it depends on how users are using such custom fields.

While it does depend on the individual user, I think we should make it fail-safe with hidden as the default. Better to have your public data hidden by mistake than to have censor-worthy data accidentally shown as plain-text. I’d like at least an option to change the default. I can’t seem to find the option to change that though.

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To have an option for changing the default field would be good. :+1: