Support marking custom field as 'password'

For some websites, it’s necessary to store my password as a Custom Field in order for autofill to work properly. However, doing this means that I miss out on the special features of the dedicated ‘Password’ field, such as visibility toggling and breach detection.

It would be nice if Bitwarden allowed marking a custom field as a ‘Password’ field, allowing access to all of the same inline buttons as with normal password fields.

You can already toggle visibility if you mark it as a hidden field.

I would also like for the “New Custom Field” to support the “Password” option. Even without the breach detection, the ability to auto-generate a new password inline rather than having to back out to the generic password generator would be really nice. This would be especially useful for pass-phrases instead of passwords, as then all the security questions websites asked for could be easily filled with random phrases instead of easily minable personal data.