Looping infinitely! bootstrap-content-message-handler.js is looping infinitely on almost every website

I’m not sure why this is happening.
I’m on mac os, using the chrome extension for bitwarden.
I have reinstalled the bitwarden extension and restarted my computer and it is still occurring. 10 user messages a second.
And for anyone curious, I took screen shots of the console while i was on this page.
what should I do next?
also im sorry in advance for the tags i used.
thank you

I’m having the same issue. Please fix.

I am having the same problem - please fix! It’s interfering with my web dev work.

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Experiencing the same thing on Chrome. Extension version 2024.1.0. Please fix this as soon as possible. This is also interfering with my development work.

The bitwarden chrome plugin is capturing messages that are created by other extensions, and then spamming the javascript console with these dumb messages.

I have react devtools extension installed which seems to send a message every 500ms.

There’s no sane reason for the bitwarden plugin to do this, and I had to restrict the plugin page access. Please fix this.

Same issue here! Firefox/Linux.

I just tested disabling the react dev tools. It seems as though this plugin is causing bitwarden to loop. Either way it shouldn’t be happening with react tools enabled.

Yes Please fix I thought I had an error in my project.

Im having the same issue, im a developer and i have vuejs devtools

This is driving me crazy while trying to work. Has anyone found a work around?

Evidently, the engineering team at Bitwarden is already aware of this issue, which can be tracked on GitHub, here:

Hi had the same problem too, driving me crazy, just disabled React Dev Tools and it’s working fine now. Only workaround i found, luckily i’m using Vue for now.
Thanks for help.

Seems to be a widespread problem — the Github link that I posted above is netting 10 new views an hour!

Per this Reddit comment, a simple work-around for this issue is to turn off Debug /Verbose.

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Silencing the debug verbosity level is just hiding it, the issue is very much still there in terms of resource consumption. Developers may find it useful when they need to use the console (specially since the debug level is not used as frequently as others).
In some pages this bug causes very high CPU and memory usage (comically, it was the final push/excuse I needed to buy more RAM).

There’s a good alternative proposed on the github thread which is downgrading the extension to the previous stable release and disabling auto-updates until a fix is released.

I hope we get a fix soon!

@Enrico Welcome to the forum!

There are several other alternative work-around options in the Github thread, as well. And the issue is scheduled to be fixed with the Feb. 7 release.