Lock options don't seem to work

Hi, just recently started using Bitwarden with Chrome browser extension installed. My question is , every time I close the chrome browser, Bitwarden logs out and I have to reenter password every time I reopen chrome. I’ve tried setting the lock options to various times ie “4 hours” and “On system lock” but nothing changes. Is there something else I should be doing.

Ideally I would like to stay logged in while my pc/laptop is on.


Bitwarden is working as intended. The lock happens if (1) the lock condition is met or (2) the browser is closed, as this also closes Bitwarden and Bitwarden wouldn’t be able to lock your passwords anymore. The only exception is if you tell Bitwarden to never lock the vault, but this is really unsafe.

I am unsure how it works with Chrome, but you might try to use the option to let Chrome run in the background. I think this option existed once and might be a solution.

you could try the “unlock with pin” option. this will allow you to set a pin code of your choice, and when you do you can select to allow unlocking with pin on browser restart. so you will still need to unlock bitwarden every time you start your browser, but can do so with an easier to enter pin code.

I’ve set ‘Unlock with Pin’ but still asked for full password when restarting browser.


Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 12.31.28
see where it says “lock with master password on browser restart”? uncheck that.

Did not notice the checkbox when setting PIN. Works better using the pin as opposed to full password but still not ideal. Thanks