Still logged in after restarting Google Chrome?

I am using Google Chrome Canary under Windows 10 and with it the Bitwarden extension. Its Lock Option is set to: On Browser Restart. A PIN is not set. I was logged into that extension. Google Chrome Canary offered an update. I installed it. The browser restarted. It is set to continue where I left off. The extension showed the red lock symbol, but also a number. Meaning: It offered me credentials for the web page I was on, tried another web page, it again offered me (fitting) credentials, went to a web page I do not have credentials for, clicked onto the Bitwarden symbol and instead of asking me for the password it showed this:


Any idea anyone?

I know Chrome sometimes leaves a daemon running when you close the browser, depending on what apps and extensions you have installed. With Canary being an unstable version, perhaps there’s something up with this background process that is interfering with Bitwarden?

Thank you for your input. The idea about the daemon sounds good. So I better set the Lock Option to a timeout.

By the way: After today’s Chrome update Bitwarden showed a different behaviour. I had to enter the password but I still got the red lock with a number:

This brings up the next issue:
In this state I have access to both the local data (which you can see in the screenshot above) and the vault: I can initiate a sync (Settings -> Sync -> Sync Vault Now) as you can see in the screenshot below. So the lock just should not be there.