Keyboard shortcut to insert/copy current TOTP

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Keyboard shortcut to insert/copy current TOTP

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It’s annoying having to copy the TOTP manually when a site’s login data is automatically filled. There is a shortcut to insert the last used login, so why not at least a shortcut to copy the TOTP?


actually the TOTP is copied into the clipboard, so CTRL/CMD+V should do the trick, or via the options on iOS/Android. A friend of mine who recently migrated also ran into this.

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Like what they already have?
Ctrl + V after you used Ctrl + Shift + L.

Are you referring to:

  1. autofill on shortcut / extension click, or
  2. the Autofill on Page Load option

For the former, others have already commented on how it is copied into clipboard.

For the latter, there is an existing feature request for auto-copy behavior (Also copy TOTP code after autofill) and someone already has an implementation in the review process: TOTP Copy on Autofill

Whether there should be a new keyboard shortcut can be a separate question to discuss though.

I don’t mean what they already have. Imagine you are on a site and it’s automatically filling in the login data - all is well. Now you click login and it’s redirected to a page where it asks you for the 2FA code - you don’t have any 2FA code copied!

TOTP Copy on Autofill is what I was searching for, but a shortcut would be better

There is a community PR that will add the auto-copy function when autofilling on page load:

Good option, yes, but I specifically asked for a keyboard shortcut :wink:

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Fair enough, but once that PR is in, the shortcut will be CTRL/CMD+V :wink:

I’m going to leave this thread open of course, as folks may just want a shortcut for this overall, regardless of autofill status, etc.

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Not when you want to disable the option from the PR :wink: I don’t want my clipboard to get overridden automatically

Yes, please, some of us don’t want to use a browser extension, so a separate keyboard shortcut (i.e. ctl-t or something) to copy would be great