TOTP Copy on Autofill

Feature name:

TOTP Copy of Autofill

Feature Description

Currently, when I have autofill turned on, I can login to most sites without a hitch. However, if I have 2FA enabled on said side, I then need to open up the browser extension and copy the TOTP manually. I’d like for this to be an option that a user can opt into.

Clients / Repos Affected:

  • Web

Timeline to completion (estimate):

ETA: Q1/2021

I posted about this here and also in Github. I just want confirmation that if I submit a PR with this feature, it’ll be considered to be merged in.


@cscharf @kspearrin

Hi @t10i , If you submit a PR that works through the review process, yes, I don’t think this is something we would flat-out reject, seems like a nice add. Keep in mind we would also need to slot this into our release process and ensure our QA team has time to review and test it before it’s finally merged/released.

With that, please note there may be some parts, after the initial PR, that need to be refactored into jslib, split between browser. This may or may not be a need, but please be cognizant that most abstractions and base implementations live in jslib and are only referenced with client specific behavior when necessary in each client repo. As you look through changes necessary, depending on what those changes look like, it may be necessary to split what you’re doing across both repos.

@cscharf great to hear! I definitely plan on going through the release process once all is said and done, just wanted to make sure this is something that would be considered :slight_smile:

Looks like I’ll definitely at least need to add a constant to jslib, so thanks for the heads up there!

I’ve added this task to my personal backlog, will update when I have a PR ready in the respective repos!

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@cscharf I just submitted 2 PR’s for this feature. Extension and jslib. Notes welcome!

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I am facing the same problem. please anyone give me the answer. I am still finding a solution.

This is actually live and available :+1:

Sorry I was thinking about autofill of TOTP instead of auto-copy.