Is it possible to change the default home/start page after logging in? (Web Vault) It's very slow when you have lots of entries

With thousands of entries it currently takes 6-7 seconds for my start page to load after logging in, and I was wondering if it’s possible to change the page that loads when you first login so that you don’t have to just sit and wait for it? I’m rarely going to need my full list of logins displayed to me, so loading it by default at login is a bit of a waste of time.


Help us help you.

Please provide essential detail: Are you referring to the Windows application, the Linux application, the macOS application, the web browser extension, the Android app, the iOS app, or the web vault?

If you’re referring to the web browser extension, which browser are you using?

This is regarding the web vault, which is running on a self-hosted Bitwarden installation on a Proxmox VM (2 CPUs, 4GB ram, though I’ve tried 8GB with the same result), and I’m using the Brave browser to access the vault (though I’ve also tried Firefox and Chrome with the same result).

It appears as though I just have too many entries saved for it to be able to open them all quickly, so it would be nice if i could specify which page gets loaded upon login, or if pagination could be enabled on the main page.

It may help to try turning favicons off. Each favicon is loaded as a separate https call.

I have the same question / request: It would be nice when logging into the web vault that Bitwarden does not build up the whole list of entries (logins). I would like to display resp. to choose between: display none / display favorites / display the content of specified folder / display those that are not sorted in any folder / display the content before I closed the last time Bitwarden’s vault and finally display all (like it is actual the case).


Am searching the web how to make BW alternative homepage (or filter) to make the loading more quick. Right now my browser is crashing.
I love the cli-commande_line solution but it’s not the point.
An option / feature to see a wellcome.home-page on startup (or respect.keep my url /#/vault?favorites=true) would help !
I will try some help on Github too…
many thanks