Option to change landing page to Favorites instead of All Items

We have a very large number of items and All Items takes a long time to load. It would be nice to have the option to load Favorites instead as a default in all the client applications.


I also want this for convenience. I don’t experience a delay in page load, I just have a few entries that I use every day


Definitely would like to have the option to show favorites by default when I log into the vault in a browser tab.


I’d love this feature too! The “load time” issue that OP describes isn’t an issue for me…

I flag items as favourites for things that naturally doesn’t “autocomplete” in the browser or in the mobile operating system. So when I open the app I want my favourites to show first so that it’s quicker and easier getting there.

This is my most wanted feature in Bitwarden right now :slight_smile:

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+1 for this!

On the Linux desktop app the main feature I keep wishing for is having the application open to my favourites instead of all items.

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Just joined this forum specifically to request this feature (open app to anything BUT “All Items”)! I have gone to great lengths to organize all the cr~d I have collected over time that required password protection… set up a family organization with it’s own collections and favorites… but when i went to shift the default landing/opening screen in settings … it wasn’t there. Sigh… i still feel disorganized… This feature, although not critical, would greatly reduce my anxiety. Please consider…

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It shouldn’t be to hard to implement this. Hopefully they will add this soon.

Adding my name to the pile, would love to see this feature!

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Same as @ET1Veg, I joined this forum specifically to request this feature, so adding my name here and voting for this feature!


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I’d also like to Favorites to be the standard page in the veb vault, instead of all items.

Pretty please implement this! Adding this feature would make BitWarden a little bit nicer.

+1 for this. To me, favorites aren’t all that useful if I still have to click around to get to them.

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+1 from me. This seems like an obvious expectation.