Launch URLs directly from web vault via launch button (from vaults view)


I’ve just come to Bitwarden from Last Pass. I mostly made the move due to security concerns but I was delighted to find that Bitwarden was much much better! I use iPhone, iPad and PC and I found the Bitwarden UI experience to be very user friendly and responsive, I also love the Reports section. Keep up the awesome work!

I’d like to be able to launch a login directly from the “All vaults” page/list. I know I can launch the specific login from the 3 dots on the right, or from the opened item, but it would be nice to shortcut that additional click with an icon on the item itself?

I suspect this has been raised before but I thought I’d add my thoughts.



Hi @CloudyAndy, welcome to the community :wave: and thank you for the kind feedback!

While not quite what you are asking for, in the browser extension, you can set a login as a favorite, which then does give you the launch option from the “All vaults” tab.

For clarification on your feature request - is this something you’d like to see in all the clients or just one in particular?


Thanks for the reply SJ. The browser extension is great and as you rightly say I could click the launch icon from there.

The page I was referring to in my original post is the Bitwarden webpage that has a similar “All vaults” page that shows a wide list of logon items.

I hope that makes it clearer than in my original post.

Many thanks,


Hey Andy, for your feature request, are you referring to the web vault? Password Manager Web Vault | Bitwarden Help Center

Hi Dw,

Yep, that’s the one. I was thinking that it would be neat to be able to launch each one directly from that list.



Thanks, I’ve updated the title of the feature request!