Launch URLs directly from web vault via launch button (from vaults view)


I’ve just come to Bitwarden from Last Pass. I mostly made the move due to security concerns but I was delighted to find that Bitwarden was much much better! I use iPhone, iPad and PC and I found the Bitwarden UI experience to be very user friendly and responsive, I also love the Reports section. Keep up the awesome work!

I’d like to be able to launch a login directly from the “All vaults” page/list. I know I can launch the specific login from the 3 dots on the right, or from the opened item, but it would be nice to shortcut that additional click with an icon on the item itself?

I suspect this has been raised before but I thought I’d add my thoughts.



Hi @CloudyAndy, welcome to the community :wave: and thank you for the kind feedback!

While not quite what you are asking for, in the browser extension, you can set a login as a favorite, which then does give you the launch option from the “All vaults” tab.

For clarification on your feature request - is this something you’d like to see in all the clients or just one in particular?


Thanks for the reply SJ. The browser extension is great and as you rightly say I could click the launch icon from there.

The page I was referring to in my original post is the Bitwarden webpage that has a similar “All vaults” page that shows a wide list of logon items.

I hope that makes it clearer than in my original post.

Many thanks,


Hey Andy, for your feature request, are you referring to the web vault? Password Manager Web Vault | Bitwarden Help Center

Hi Dw,

Yep, that’s the one. I was thinking that it would be neat to be able to launch each one directly from that list.



Thanks, I’ve updated the title of the feature request!

Yes, please! This would be great!