Is a slimmer app size possible? Currently 1/4 of a gigabyte

Hi folks

Are there any key components in the mobile app that could shed a few kilo(byte)s?

Currently it weighs 263.9 MB on iOS.

…compared to 31.6 MB (4 years ago) on the Android version of BitWarden.
…and compared to 30.3 MB and 22.2 MB (today) on the iOS versions of StrongBox and KeyPassium.

I know it’s a trivial thing these days, but for devices with limited storage it would be huge improvement to see excess files trimmed down.

How likely are we to see a lighter app size in future releases?

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Jan 2018 source of the Android stat (saying 31MB was too large!). The developer mentions Xamarin and mono runtime take up a decent chunk of space. But how true is that today?

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