Web Vault version 2 is great!

I am very pleased with version 2 of the BW Web Vault. Its great having the generator, which was missing. Web Vault 2 is super fast and slick. So far I haven’t noticed anything that doesn’t work for me on this end. Great job to the coders!!!

If others here haven’t given it a try use the url link below. All your current credentials work so nothing needs to be changed to use the new version



It is now live as the main web vault.

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When will 2.0 be pushed out to self-hosted?

It’s now live for self-hosted users as well.

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Unless I’m missing something, it’s all but unusable on a smart phone. That wouldn’t matter if everything that could be done in the web vault could also be done by the android app… but it appears that operations related to organizations, collections and sharing are possible only from the web app.

I just started considering Bitwarden; hence, I never saw the old version of the web vault, so I don’t know if this is a regression or if it was always this way. It’s miserable on mobile.

I think your comment is pretty harsh Coises. Yes, there is no organisation facilities in the android app but that hardly makes it unusable!

I suspect most people use the app as a portable source of their passwords, not as a gateway to using the organisation facilities. Until you mentioned it I had not even noticed you can’t share from the app. Sharing etc. is something you only tend to do once and can easily be done on a laptop or workstation.

It would certainly be ‘nice to have’ but I’m not sure how high a priority it would be for most people and the developers time. Have you checked if it is a ‘suggested feature’ in the community forum? If it is, vote for it, if it isn’t, suggest it. It’s a good way for the developers to see how much a feature is desired by the users.

Could you share what is unusable about it on a smart phone? It seems to work fine on my iPhone.

I see the same thing in both Chrome and Firefox on Android (Pixel 2, everything up to date). The pages in the web vault are just the desktop pages shrunk to the phone width. I can’t even read them, let alone interact with them, without pinch-zooming.

A quick look at the main CSS file suggests that the pages are meant to be responsive; but the rules prefixed “-ms” and “-webkit” mean nothing to Firefox or Chrome, and there’s no “meta viewport” tag in the HTML.

If you have Google Chrome installed on your desktop, try activating “More Tools > Developer Tools”; toggle the “Device toolbar” on, select “Pixel 2” and go to https://vault.bitwarden.com/ — you’ll see what I mean immediately.

Yes, zooming in on smaller devices is something that is expected since we do not optimize page size with media queries.

I apologize… I should have been more clear.

Bitwarden in general is as usable on Android as any password manager. (I haven’t seen any that aren’t clumsy compared to desktop, but that says more about Android than the password managers.) It’s one of the few password managers with an extension that works on mobile Firefox.

My comment was specifically in regard to the web vault; my point about the app was only that since there are some things the app can’t do, the existence of the app doesn’t make the usability of the web vault irrelevant.

Sharing is an important use case for me, because I’m trying to find a password manager that will enable my partner to access my logins should I become incapacitated, yet will be dead simple enough that I can actually get her to use it. (If she doesn’t use it all the time, she won’t remember how to use it in an emergency.) I agree that needing to share on mobile isn’t likely to be common; I just happened to stumble on this. When I saw this was a recent, new version of the web vault, I thought it had to be a regression — that it just happened that no one during the “beta” phase tried it on Android.

Not being able to move from my vault to organization on Android is a big issue for me as well.

Also,I can’t seem to be able to move from organization back to vault (unshare). Not in Android and not on the web. Is that right ?